Geotechnical Search Engine

GeotechSearch is a search engine for geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, engineering geology, geophysics, and related disciplines. It harnesses the search power of Google, combined with the collaborative efforts of members to provide a list of sites (GeoLinks) to include in the searches.

New on GeotechSearch

Jun 9: Added More Sites

I added about another 60 sites to the index yesterday! Eventually I'll have it setup so they automatically get included once approved at the GeoLinks section.

Attention Webmasters!

We hope that will be the premier search engine for geo-professionals looking for technical information. Make sure you're site is included in the index!

If you want to give your website visitors easy access to the most relevant geotechnical search information, include a search form gadget on your website.

Looking for Geoscience or Geology Results?

Geology SearchThis search engine focuses more on the engineering side of the geology spectrum. If you want to find sites that are more on the science side, try's Geology Search Engine.